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  2. Hello, I'm from Germany and wanted to ask if the game comes out this year because I have it on my Steam wish list since August and will the German language be supported?
  4. This Dev blog we spent most of our time on polish and getting things ready for our first public release so not very many fixes or additions. Removed unused assets Polish pass over all UI Polish pass over all gameplay Polish pass over player movement Polish pass over modular construction system Began implementing construction requirements. Updated to Unity 2018.2.0f2 Relase Updated some network code "netcode" to prevent black screen during load.
  5. Hola, welcome to the forums.
  6. Busy busy busy. Always busy. Welcome to the forums!
  7. Come check us out! Make sure to register and click the follow button for a chance to be selected for close testing phases.
  8. Late again but super busy. Here is the delta change log for the last two weeks. Updated Main Menu UI Updated Main Menu Scene Updated Main scene removing unused items Hooked up save slots to main menu Implemented dialog popup Added quit confirmation dialog Fixed version increment when making builds Fixed dialog screen buttons Fixed double options in main menu Fixed loading screen "now loads immediately" Added spinner to loading menu with temporary icon Implemented new game screen Removed UniRX Modified Ping limit indicator Updated Wwise Imported VFX and SFX Stars are now more accurate during the daytime and nighttime Imported various rock art Imported mineral node art Imported Pistol Implemented base weapon system Added tool sway and bobbing Fixed tool not loading properly causing null reference exceptions Started work on new shaders that allow dynamic dirt and grunge buildup Balance pass on player oxygen Modified pistol recoil Adjusted pistol muzzle particle system
  9. Hey everyone, what's up? Just figured I'd drop in and say hi. See how things are going.
  10. Hello World, they made me do it.
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