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  2. Hello, I'm from Germany and wanted to ask if the game comes out this year because I have it on my Steam wish list since August and will the German language be supported?
  4. This Dev blog we spent most of our time on polish and getting things ready for our first public release so not very many fixes or additions. Removed unused assets Polish pass over all UI Polish pass over all gameplay Polish pass over player movement Polish pass over modular construction system Began implementing construction requirements. Updated to Unity 2018.2.0f2 Relase Updated some network code "netcode" to prevent black screen during load.
  5. Hola, welcome to the forums.
  6. Busy busy busy. Always busy. Welcome to the forums!
  7. Come check us out! Make sure to register and click the follow button for a chance to be selected for close testing phases.
  8. Late again but super busy. Here is the delta change log for the last two weeks. Updated Main Menu UI Updated Main Menu Scene Updated Main scene removing unused items Hooked up save slots to main menu Implemented dialog popup Added quit confirmation dialog Fixed version increment when making builds Fixed dialog screen buttons Fixed double options in main menu Fixed loading screen "now loads immediately" Added spinner to loading menu with temporary icon Implemented new game screen Removed UniRX Modified Ping limit indicator Updated Wwise Imported VFX and SFX Stars are now more accurate during the daytime and nighttime Imported various rock art Imported mineral node art Imported Pistol Implemented base weapon system Added tool sway and bobbing Fixed tool not loading properly causing null reference exceptions Started work on new shaders that allow dynamic dirt and grunge buildup Balance pass on player oxygen Modified pistol recoil Adjusted pistol muzzle particle system
  9. Welcome to the Bleak bug reporting section. Please read the instructions below before posting bug reports. Please subject your bug report in the following format "Bug Title - BuildID" You can find build ID in the bottom right of the main menu it will be a string of numbers and letters In your bug report please list the following information Short description reproduction steps video or images is it repeatable if so how many times out of 5
  10. As the title suggests, we are going live on BrightLocker very soon! With that we will finally be able to properly start building a following and gathering the very much needed funds and feedback. If you don't know what BrightLocker is check out their website here, make sure to make an account so you are ready for our page to go live! We will post another announcement with more information and links to our page. Thank you everyone for your support so far, we cant wait to see what the future holds for us all!
  11. This week we focused on the UI. While it isn't final I know you still want to see the progress. Also, as usual here is this weeks delta change log. Updated to Unity 2018.2 Beta 7 Updated various third party packages Updated Main Menu UI design Added Vitals menu to PDA Added Home Menu to PDA Added Single Player and Multi Player screens to main menu Fixed PDA tabs and screens Fixed Main Menu toggles While the list is shorter we are still on track! Now enjoy some progress screenshots!
  12. This week is business as usual. See below for a complete list of all updates and changes since the last dev blog. Fixed object snapping and placement Fixed building object teleporting when placed Implemented step assist Implemented re-spawn system Implemented death screen Player position now stored per world save Implemented versioning Added automatic commit assignment when making game builds Added multiple save loading Implemented tips on loading screens Added auto save manager with time interval option Added night light to PDA Updated Zenject and UniRx Updated old code to new syntax Implemented object zone spawning Added save and quit option to pause menu Added auto save toggle option Began multiplayer framework Began redesign of main menu UI and Single/Multiplayer menus Implemented basic PDA map
  13. A bit late but for good reason! We have made significant progress on new systems and fixes to old ones. See below for a complete list of changes since the last post. Vitals V1 implemented Death mechanics implemented Added kill command Added test charging objects to construct-able items for debug and testing Updated to Unity 2018.2 Beta5 Updated to Unity 2018.2 Beta6 Added more construct-able objects, Added construction UI to PDA Fixed PDA animations Began implementing the Multi-tool "This still needs hand animations and VFX/SFX" Fixed structure snapping and placement. Added placeholder IK for Multi-tool. That's all for this update! Feel free to post any questions or suggestions!
  14. This is our first of many development blog posts detailing what we have been doing. We are going to try to post one every Friday. This week we focused on performance and managed to improve 4k framerates from a measly ~15fps to well over 60 fps. We also started working on in game settings menus for audio and graphics. As a little bonus we implemented Nvidia Ansel so all of you screenshot junkies can get to work once we start seeding out early pre-alpha keys. Below is a list of all of our project updates for this week Implemented Nvidia Ansel Added Head Bobbing option Updated pause menu UI Fixed main menu planet, adjusted in game pause menu Implemented Head Bobbing Pause Screen now derives from Options Screen Updated planet shaders and fixed FPS issue caused by volumetric light noise Updated cloud editor tools and updated project to Unity 2018.2 Beta 4 Here are a few images of the work done this week as mentioned.
  15. Hey guys, Any plans for atmospheric mechanics in the game? If so, what will those look like? Specifically I mean in relations to ship atmosphere, air pressure, quality, composition... Do you take any influence from Hellion or other games?
  16. Hey everyone, what's up? Just figured I'd drop in and say hi. See how things are going.
  17. I have a design related question, so far as intention, and the lore of how things work. When in 'warp' ...a very kind sci-fi generic term which can be anything really.. how does that work as you mean it for this game.. Of the options below, what do you envision it closest to? 1. Straight up FTL travel, straight line, through real space, just at some kind of light exceeding velocity with pretty effects. 2. Is it along the lines of an alternate 'space' for which, crossing effectively shortens the distance (like say, hyperspace in games like starcontrol2) by leaving real space, into this new dimension, traveling in a straight line to an exit point, back into realspace. 3. Or is it some kind of wormhole/tunnel that crosses folding space to get from one point to another near instantly when compared to the time light, or any other direct line of travel could achieve. 4. And of course.. based on scale.. it could even just be a fancy 'envelope' of distorted space that lets a ship accelerate/decelerate rapidly to fractions of the speed of light (or more) but without the effects of G-Forces killing everyone involved (kinda like Quantum Travel in StarCitizen...though they don't call it an 'envelope, yet should' ) The reason I ask, is knowing the details of how your travel will be handled from point to point, and in what modes, would also make for some other creative options, visually, beyond the expected 'tunnel' effect we generally see. I'd love to see, rather than a tunnel for 'straight line fast travel' ...a kind of lensing effect, with the ship at its center, and the banding fields outside of the ship, bending exterior light during travel..along with the transitioning effect as you go from stationary (or regular relative speeds) to some high speed for crossing distances. Kind of like your ship in a envelope/bubble, that isn't affected by the Gforces that would be associated with acceleration/deceleration. Visually, it would distort, distend stars/planets around you, and have them slide over the 'surface' of the bubble/fields, shifting and changing colors and directions as you transition into and out of the effect. but aside from color shift due to speed, would largely use 'normal' visual imagery. Then for system to system travel, a wormhole/tunnel like effect, initiated by say (visually) creating a micro singularity, of which you stretch down, and into...once in, you get a bit of the twisty tunnel effect, followed by hitting 'folds in space' where the visual is akin to approaching oddly shaped mirrors, and 'folding through' different dimensions. Some of the gameplay/challenge might even be, gauging which 'refraction/reflection' of your ship is the correct one to merge with, to get to your destination.. almost a combination of 3D tunnel surfing, mixed with interfacing against 2d 'folds/mirrors'.. It could engage both reflexes/piloting skills, color/image identification, and even strategy, as leaving the 'fold/worm hole' early or late, might change your exit point. And where the first travel method, would use more of the real visual imagery, but warped... this visual experience could be much more ....mmm. moody, kaliadeoscopic, trippy, bits of surreal, mixed with stark imagery thrown in.. almost a mixture of both what is real, and what is in the mind, as you're dimensional folding/tunneling/traveling across vast gaps between star systems. Lots of room for the creator to introduce either visually stunning, or more mood based creepiness (if appropriate). Just brain storming and tossing out thoughts for consumption.
  18. Nice, has a slick mod vibe to it. Bit of 'trek', but leans a little more 'dress uniform' of modern military. Nice balance. And I like the color crossing over the breast/chest.
  19. Hello World, they made me do it.
  20. I have been hard at work improving visuals and the Warp Tunnel was up! Here is the current state. Hope you like!
  21. Here is a quick preview of our Male and Female formal uniform. Your bridge officers will be wearing this uniform. We will be working on other uniforms as well for engineering crew and others.
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