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Dev Blog 5/17/2018

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This is our first of many development blog posts detailing what we have been doing.  We are going to try to post one every Friday.

This week we focused on performance and managed to improve 4k framerates from a measly ~15fps to well over 60 fps.

We also started working on in game settings menus for audio and graphics.

As a little bonus we implemented Nvidia Ansel so all of you screenshot junkies can get to work once we start seeding out early pre-alpha keys.

Below is a list of all of our project updates for this week

  • Implemented Nvidia Ansel
  • Added Head Bobbing option
  • Updated pause menu UI
  • Fixed main menu planet, adjusted in game pause menu
  • Implemented Head Bobbing
  • Pause Screen now derives from Options Screen
  • Updated planet shaders and fixed FPS issue caused by volumetric light noise
  • Updated cloud editor tools and updated project to Unity 2018.2 Beta 4


Here are a few images of the work done this week as mentioned.



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