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Dev Blog 5/30/2018

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A bit late but for good reason!  We have made significant progress on new systems and fixes to old ones.  See below for a complete list of changes since the last post.


  • Vitals V1 implemented
  • Death mechanics implemented
  • Added kill command
  • Added test charging objects to construct-able items for debug and testing
  • Updated to Unity 2018.2 Beta5
  • Updated to Unity 2018.2 Beta6
  • Added more construct-able objects,
  • Added construction UI to PDA
  • Fixed PDA animations
  • Began implementing the Multi-tool "This still needs hand animations and VFX/SFX"
  • Fixed structure snapping and placement.
  • Added placeholder IK for Multi-tool.

That's all for this update!  Feel free to post any questions or suggestions!




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