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Dev Blog 6/7/2018

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This week is business as usual.  See below for a complete list of all updates and changes since the last dev blog.

  • Fixed object snapping and placement
  • Fixed building object teleporting when placed
  • Implemented step assist
  • Implemented re-spawn system
  • Implemented death screen
  • Player position now stored per world save
  • Implemented versioning
  • Added automatic commit assignment when making game builds
  • Added multiple save loading
  • Implemented tips on loading screens
  • Added auto save manager with time interval option
  • Added night light to PDA
  • Updated Zenject and UniRx
  • Updated old code to new syntax
  • Implemented object zone spawning
  • Added save and quit option to pause menu
  • Added auto save toggle option
  • Began multiplayer framework
  • Began redesign of main menu UI and Single/Multiplayer menus
  • Implemented basic PDA map




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