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Dev Blog 7/1/2018

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Late again but super busy.  Here is the delta change log for the last two weeks.

  • Updated Main Menu UI
  • Updated Main Menu Scene
  • Updated Main scene removing unused items
  • Hooked up save slots to main menu
  • Implemented dialog popup
  • Added quit confirmation dialog
  • Fixed version increment when making builds
  • Fixed dialog screen buttons
  • Fixed double options in main menu
  • Fixed loading screen "now loads immediately"
  • Added spinner to loading menu with temporary icon
  • Implemented new game screen
  • Removed UniRX
  • Modified Ping limit indicator
  • Updated Wwise
  • Imported VFX and SFX
  • Stars are now more accurate during the daytime and nighttime
  • Imported various rock art
  • Imported mineral node art
  • Imported Pistol
  • Implemented base weapon system
  • Added tool sway and bobbing
  • Fixed tool not loading properly causing null reference exceptions
  • Started work on new shaders that allow dynamic dirt and grunge buildup
  • Balance pass on player oxygen
  • Modified pistol recoil
  • Adjusted pistol muzzle particle system


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