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Thank You!

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We have finally produced our first piece of concept work that was funded by you;  our subscribers and Razer and we would like to extend a huge thank you to Razer and especially you, our Patreon supporters.  The money you have offered us through Patreon is what made this work possible. We hope you like what you see and would love to hear your feedback about the bridge concept work and everything else we have shared. These concept images are yours, we couldn’t be doing what we are doing without the help of our Patrons.

Limb itself is coming along nicely, with the bridge concept work done it is time to get it modeled, textured and put into the game.  There are a lot of little parts that go into the whole but as pieces get completed it feels really good to be able to sit down and look at what we have so far and our excitement to get it into player’s hands grows.

Check back often for more regular updates as we continue working and again thank you for offering your continued support. Hopefully going forward we can reward everyone with more updates on exactly what we are working on at the time, who is working on what, and any other interesting happenings on our end along with the videos and screenshots you are used to.

Thank you again for your support

 The Limb Team



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